Reverse Raffle
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Each year on the 4th Thursday in October we hold our scholarship fund raiser known as the Reverse Raffle.  This is a fun evening for everyone and is open to the public.  The event is held at the Elks Lodge, 711 W. St. Charles Rd. Elmhurst, IL.
Reverse Raffle tickets are available for purchase prior to the event starting in mid-September, at a cost of $110 each with no limit on the number of tickets purchased, but only until all tickets have been sold.  $5,000 from the sale of the Reverse Raffle tickets is reserved as the grand prize for the event.
The evening begins with a delicious steak dinner and open bar, which is available for a nominal cost of $35 per person.  (Advanced registration is required).  Chinese Raffle tickets will be sold at this time at $20 for an arms-length of tickets.  Guests place their tickets into the bags of the raffle prizes that they would like to win.  These tickets will be pulled during brief intermissions during the Reverse Raffle.  Proceeds from the Chinese Raffle are used to fund the Warm Coats Project.
After dinner, the raffle begins with numbered balls being pulled out of a mixer one at a time.  When a number is called, it is considered “out”.  Numbers are called throughout the evening, and eliminated one by one.  The owners of the final five numbers will be called to the front of the room.  At that time, each person will be asked one by one if they would like to split the pot, or continue to pull numbers.  All must be in agreement to split the pot otherwise another number will be pulled, thereby eliminating another player.  This continues until all agree to split, or until there is one person left standing.
A few other things to note:
  • The very first numbered ball pulled from the mixer receives $100
  • Every 10th ball pulled has the option of either throwing it back in the mixer, or receiving $100
  • Numbers can be sold to another player at any point in the game. Cost negotiations are between the seller and the buyer.
If you are interested in purchasing a number for this event, please contact either the current Fundraising Chairperson or the current Club President